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Interested in boosting sales and growing your business?

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Interested in boosting sales and growing your business? Just sign up here!

When it gets closer to the end of the year, everyone starts to think about boosting sales using the Christmas spirit. But, what if
you could get a headstart to grow your business now, even before the holidays? Sidekick Social Media wants to help you
come up with an effective online marketing strategy and launch an awesome 3-month campaign to increase your sales
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Start now and beat the competition. Get the public familiar with you early enough so that by the holiday period you will be their number one choice!

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Long term strategy brings in better benefits, but we understand that you want to learn to trust the process before completely committing. This is a chance to see what online marketing can do for your business before diving in head-first.

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This offer has limited seats; not because we want to be stingy, but because we want to pay exclusive attention to your unique needs as a business. Don't get generic solutions to your sales conundrums; experience growth with customised solutions.


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Happy clients

Mr. Ohene

I enjoyed working with the Sidekick team and feel they were able to take our information and deliver our vision. The company delivers a high-quality product in a time and cost-effective manner. I would recommend the company to anyone looking for professional website development or social media marketing solutions.

Cynthia Hyde

Sidekick Social Media has been a valued partner and trusted resource as we've rebranded our company and relaunched our digital marketing presence. Being able to leverage their expertise in inbound and personalization has been a key differentiator for us


Most frequent questions and answers

Like most agencies, the answer is “it depends” — but we know there’s no response more annoying. 

So, rather than leave you scratching your head, we want to help you understand some of the dependencies, their roles in the cost of Digital marketing, and explain why it ultimately varies between companies and programs.

However, before we get deep into the nitty gritty of pricing, here are some important factors you need to keep in mind along the way:

  • We don’t bill hourly. Everything we do is scoped and quoted.
  • We’re agile and the extent and depth of work generally adjusts based on your priorities, which usually vary from month to month.
  • When planning your marketing budget, it’s important to allocate for incidentals like marketing technology (paid media, stock photography, and experiments. These are often critical pieces of a successful digital marketing program. 

 Your Digital Marketing budget should be determined based on your goals and how much work is needed from Sidekick to achieve those goals.

Our typical packages range from GHC 2500 – GHC 6,600 per month.

While building your Digital Marketing Game Plan in month one, we will establish overall goals.

The results vary significantly by clients, goals and budget, but the service packages are built to produce and improve brand positioning, website traffic, leads, brand awareness and retention (i.e. loyalty).

Although not limited to the following, we’ve had the quickest results with companies that:

  • Operate in the following industries: Administrative Services, Consulting Companies, Hospitality, Financial Services, Construction and Beauty Fashion Services.
  • Already have an established revenue base, meaning:
    • Sustainable revenue model generating > GHC 100,000 in revenue per year
    • Legally Registered Company
  • Are a natural fit for online marketing, meaning:
    • They need prospects
    • Their customers typically have a considered buying process
    • Have a sales team to follow up on the prospects we attract

This is a very common request, to which we answer, yes we can but these aren’t the only numbers that matter. At Sidekick, we are about genuine, steady brand and business growth.

We will never suggest you buy followers or likes or engage in other questionable tactics just to pump up numbers.

Those numbers mean nothing if people aren’t actually interested in or engaged with your business. We focus on making connections and providing value; not boosting the number of likes and followers at any cost.

There is a minimum 4 month term for our service provision – as it’s not realistic to see a marked improvement in Digital Marketing results in less time than this. Besides this, you are not entering into any long term contract. 

Our packages renew automatically so that there is never any interruption to your social media presence.

But if at any point you’d like to stop using our services, simply contact us 2 weeks prior to your renewal date to let us know you don’t wish to renew further.

We’ll provide our service for the remainder of the subscription period you’ve already paid for, but there’s no requirement to give us any notice period beyond this 2 weeks.

Interested in boosting sales and growing
your business?